Pozitív asztrológia

Asztrológia, önismeret, élmény…

Sun and Neptune clashes

What is in the sky?

…. Easy to be lost or be insecure, or misjudge things, situations, we can be more sensitive than usual…., better to let go of what we can’t control, rather than getting caught up in it…

Virgo Sun battles Pisces Neptune. Two opposing qualities, reality and beyond reality, collide.
We may be more tired, feel numb, we may want to part with our daily routine, but we can’t.

Taking a break for a day or two, is wise now, to recharge, to escape, to get away, to relax. September is always more stressful in that we have to pay more attention to details. From one day to the next, our tasks really can multiply. And, if we’re not careful, we can easily get exhausted.

When exhausted, we find it harder to notice the obvious.

Meanwhile, Venus in Virgo also collides with Mars in Gemini. Watch your balance, when triggered, look generously away. Do not collide.

Mercury retrograde now in Libra…, communication may become difficult, our diplomatic sense may be needed strongly in these days.

*Sun-Neptune opposition
*Venus-Mars square


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