Pozitív asztrológia

Asztrológia, önismeret, élmény…

Sun-Pluto trine

The week opened with a supportive trine between the Virgo Sun and Capricorn Pluto, SUN-PLUTO, always attuned to our strength, our power, our potentials… Both planets in earth signs, an energy that brings this strength to the physical. Daring to look deep, and go deep. Into places, which might seem fearful.

In the midst of so many retrograde planets, I find myself repeating situations. Also, the ones I was inherently afraid of.

But, because I’ve changed (there’s no avoiding it this year), it is not the same. And the slowing down of energies around us helps us recognize the subtle nuances of how we have become different in past months.

At the same time, Venus and Uranus also “met” yesterday (with a trine) for a dance. It’s also a liberating connection that is especially good for feminine energies. But in general, to finally fall in love with ourselves enough to face the day with a vitality that keeps us strong, we never know what lessons the 24 hours ahead may hold, but if we validate ourselves at the end of the day, all fall into place.

*Venus-Uranus trine

*Nap-Pluto trine


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